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What is this site?

Need to quickly test to see if your email address is working? You can send a test email to check if your email address is receiving email messages.

Why do I need to send a test email?

People use it for all sorts of reasons. You may want to verify that your email provider is accepting emails. You may want to confirm that emails coming from outside your domain or organization are able to be delivered to you. Techs and Administrators can confirm that newly created email addresses are accepting emails.

What is in the email message?

We send a static test email with the following content:

Subject: - Testing Email ID: [XXX]


Congratulations! If you are reading this your email address is working.

This is not spam or a solicitation. This email was sent to your email address because you, or someone else, requested a test email to be sent to this address. We work hard to ensure a balance between testing, transparency, and privacy. If you did not request this email test, it's likely that someone accidentally mistyped their email address as yours. You can request your email address be blocked here:

The IP address of the requester of this test email is: XXX.YYY.ZZZ.AAA

Why an online email test?

Some email providers will automatically deliver your email if it's coming from the same domain or host provider. For instance, Hotmail could automatically deliver to other Hotmail accounts, Yahoo could automatically deliver to other Yahoo accounts. Using an online email test, you source an email from outside your account, helping give you peace of mind that your email address is, in fact, accepting emails.

How to block my email address?

You can request to have your email address blocked from our send test email service for one hour. This would make sense if someone has mistakenly entered your email while trying to test their own, and you have received unwanted email. For the majority of situations, this will solve the problem. Request a temporary one hour block here.

I am not receiving the test email.

If you're not receiving a test email within 5 minutes or so, the first thing to double check is your junk mail or spam folder. If you don't see it there, you can enter your Email ID here to view the detailed status of your email sending test. Your Email Test ID is provided to you once you have clicked the "Send Test" button.

Thanks for trying (:

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